Pediatric Dentistry

The health of your children is our most important mission, and pediatric dentistry is the cornerstone of their well-being. Seek the highest quality dental care at our clinic.

Just like adults, children need dental care. Pediatric dentistry and the care for children as patients are specific, mainly from the perspective of psychological preparation. It requires a lot of time, patience, and parental cooperation. The procedures are mostly preventive, as this is essential to avoid serious dental issues and the need for extensive treatment in later years.

What is pediatric dentistry?

Preventive and pediatric dentistry form the foundation of oral health for the population. Pediatric dentistry oversees individuals up to the age of 18. The main task of pediatric dentistry is primarily the prevention of cavities. This includes early detection of cavities, monitoring, control, treatment, removal of harmful environmental factors, education, motivation, and training. Prevention also involves periodontal examination and possible treatment.

Prevention ensures a healthy smile for your child, which means they can chew food normally and receive more nutrients from the food they consume. They learn to speak faster and are healthier, as it has been shown that oral diseases affect overall health. The prevention of oral health in children starts with the eruption of their first milk tooth. Recommendations are that the first visit to a pediatric dentist should be around the age of one or when all milk teeth have erupted. Although milk teeth are not permanent, they are not any less important. They guide the eruption of permanent teeth and enable their proper development. Cavities destroy milk teeth and misalign them, so filling the tooth is necessary. If a milk tooth is left untreated, there is a possibility that the permanent tooth in the same place will also be susceptible to cavities.

The dentist will assess the health of the teeth and oral cavity and develop an individual program of oral health care at home, which usually includes brushing, flossing, dietary advice, and the possible need for fluoride. In this way, parents can instill lifelong healthy habits in their child regarding dental care.


Pedodontics is an area of dental medicine that deals with pediatric and preventive dentistry. Working with the youngest ones and their parents requires a lot of patience from the dentist and their colleagues, as it is necessary to build a relationship with the child based on a high level of mutual trust before the examination. When talking to the child, the dentist should not present the idea of pediatric dentistry and going for a check-up as something scary. Pediatric dentistry and dental visits should never be stressful situations for the child or the parents.