Dental Radiology

Dental radiology is an integral part of modern dental diagnostics. This part of dental medicine deals with the imaging of teeth and jaws using very low radiation doses, which is important for both patients and staff. Today's sophisticated digital imaging devices use sensitive sensors, making them suitable for more frequent dental imaging, with results available in record time.

Dental radiology allows us to obtain images that dentists can use for analysis and treatment planning at any time. Imaging teeth and bones inside the oral cavity is necessary to detect changes that may not be visible during a regular visual examination and to identify various anomalies. X-ray images are particularly useful for detecting changes in the hard tissues of teeth and bones. To obtain high-quality images, it is necessary to have skilled personnel and conduct appropriate procedures. All images are stored in patients' records.

At Dr. Bandić's clinic, dental radiology is a segment to which we dedicate special attention by acquiring the most modern and versatile devices with incredible precision. In addition, we regularly perform strict control of all devices to ensure that all patients and staff are protected from unwanted radiation. Imaging procedures are very short – from a few seconds to several minutes – thus quickly establishing a foundation for further work, establishing diagnoses, and determining treatments. We understand that time is precious, so we work quickly to address all your concerns.

We offer you the following services:
Dental RVG imaging
Dental X-ray imaging
Dental panoramic X-ray (OPG)
3D dental imaging
2D dental imaging
Tooth imaging
Jaw imaging
Sinus imaging
Sinus X-ray imaging