Dental Prosthodontics

Thanks to significant advances in dental prosthetics, modern technology, and top-quality materials, it is now possible to have a brilliant and youthful smile at any age that leaves everyone impressed. This part of dentistry allows for the replacement of lost teeth and the correction of existing ones, enabling the patient to achieve restoration in both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Fixed prosthodontics refers to dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants, while removable dentures are classified as complete and partial.

When it comes to fixed prosthodontics, we recommend using non-metallic ceramic materials, primarily glass-ceramics that perfectly mimic the missing natural tooth.

Removable Dentures

By the term "dentures," we refer to all prostheses that replace all teeth in the jaw, or just some teeth, and can be removed by the patient. Complete removable dentures (composed of plastic with ceramic or plastic teeth). In this case, the patient is missing all teeth (complete edentulism), and chewing forces are transmitted to the gums and bone. To achieve better stability in the mouth, to prevent movement during chewing, it is recommended to place implants that can then be used to anchor the dentures.

Partial removable dentures are partial prostheses that the patient can remove and consist of a metal structure to which the missing teeth are attached. The prosthesis is held in place by clasps or attachments (clips), which ensure its stability during chewing.

Fixed Crowns and Bridges

Fixed dental prosthesis replaces one or more lost or damaged teeth due to functional and/or aesthetic reasons. The fixed dental prosthesis is attached either to previously prepared healthy teeth or to implants, and the patient cannot remove it on their own.


Metal-ceramic crowns (metal base coated with ceramic) have satisfactory aesthetics and still represent the only possible solution in certain cases (e.g., bridges with extensive spans due to the loss of a large number of teeth).

Zirconia-ceramic crowns (zirconia base coated with fine ceramic) are aesthetically perfect crowns. They are intended for those seeking a more natural, perfect smile. They are custom-made using CAD/CAM technology. Smaller bridges (up to 5 units) can be made in just 3 days.

All-ceramic crowns (Empress, Emax) are made from premium ceramics and are most commonly used when only a single crown needs to be placed on a natural tooth or implant. Placing this ceramic crown, as well as its fabrication by dental medicine professionals and laboratory technicians, requires a high degree of expertise. With CAD/CAM technology, this crown can be made in just an hour.

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