Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry follows today's trends for aesthetics but also does not neglect its primary task, which is the normal functioning of the masticatory system.

In addition to good prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, this part of dentistry emphasizes the aesthetics of the smile and healthy teeth.

Apart from aging and improper hygiene, the most common reasons are the consumption of coffee, tea, cigarettes, and various colored beverages such as black wine or alcoholic drinks. The result of aesthetic dentistry is your perfectly harmonious new smile, which we create through targeted planning and careful choice of treatment methods. Also, during treatments performed, our specialists take into account the appearance of your face as well as proportions, achieving a balance between appearance and oral health. In smile aesthetics, details make the difference between good and perfect.

Aesthetic dentistry is intended for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. In smile aesthetics, details make the difference between good and perfect.

Examples of irregularities that patients encounter are:

  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Dark teeth
  • Yellow and dull teeth
  • Tartar
  • Aesthetically unappealing amalgam "black fillings"
  • Missing one or more teeth
  • Irregular tooth alignment
  • Excessive gum display, "gummy smile"
  • Aging, dehydration, and loss of lip elasticity

Contrary to popular belief, the color of teeth is not determined by the external surface of the tooth but by the color of dentin, the tissue located beneath the tooth's surface. Enamel allows the colors of food and beverages to penetrate, leading to tooth discoloration and dental issues in the long run. Entrust the care of your oral health to us at DOC Bandic, and your smile will look beautiful, healthy, and natural.

We offer you:
Teeth whitening
Composite fillings
Ceramic fillings
Veneers or dental laminates
Ceramic laminates
Composite laminates
Tooth jewelry with zirconia crystals